Services provided by IT Developers.


We are specialized on creating software which coresponds with your individual needs. Our main goal is to fulfill your demands and bring you a product which significantly lowers your cost or increases productivity and prosperity of your company - thanks to automatization of ordinary activities, centralised database management or information system optimalization.

System Management

We are offering complete ITS management in heterogenous environment, with numerous Windows servers, Linux routers and gateways, e-mai servers and servicing applications.
Our stuff is highly educated and able to manage even the most complicated systems and solutions. We have over 10 years experience with servicing large networks.


To provide the best possible service, ITS must regularly update and perform routine maintenance on its systems and networks. Some of these activities require that the affected systems and networks be shut down. While this work is essential, we also recognize that it presents an inconvenience.
Our systems are designed to have minimum service breakdowns, the majority of updates and servicing works are made on-the-fly, without need to shutdown the server or application.
Nonetheless, once per year we perform the major systems upgrade, hardware testing (if applicable), firmware upgrades and SW compatibility testing.


System integration is a combination of different software components and subsystems into one functional unit. The aim is that unit works as efficiently as possible, from the viewpoint of the individual subsystems so that communication between them was carried out according to a defined scheme and all possible errors and anomalies were included in this scheme.

Well performed system integration should enchance at least one of the values​​:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Increase system stability
  • Increase safety system
  • Provide further system development