Everything we created for our customers and/or we currently working on.

Work In progress


  • Description: Register of road weather stations, vehicle counters, cameras and electronic variable signs. It's web based application for RMD CR.
  • Platform: Web application


  • Description: Advanced Road Weather Information System is highly specialized information system for decision support in winter road and highways maintenance. In present time it's replaced by JSMIS system, where we are participating on data transfers and data storage. The system was built for Road and Motorway Directorate of Czech Republic (RMD CR).
  • Platform: Web application

Easy Media Backup

  • Description: Application for automatic wireless backuping/transfering media files (photos, videos, recordings) for Android.
  • Platform: Android
  • Website:


Temperature for Android

  • Description: Application for showing real time air and road temperature on google map.
  • Platform: Android


  • Description: Software transferring data from road weather stations. Developed for ChanGroup s.r.o.
  • Platform: Linux


  • Description: This application validates and monitors data transfers from all road weather stations in Czech Republic, with reporting of transfer delays, invalid transfers etc. Application developed for RMD CR.
  • Platform: Linux


  • Description: Modem application, special solution of data transfers for ChanGroup s.r.o., and data collecting for ELSIS in Lithuania
  • Platform: ARM embedded environment


  • Description: sophisticated software for HW controller of variable signs. Developed for ChanGroup s.r.o.
  • Platform: Zilog ZNEO embedded application


  • Description: software exporting data from databases of RMD CR to WMO BUFR 94 format for further processing by Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.
  • Platform: Linux


  • Description: software package for ARM devices, for controlling variable traffic signs, data routing and sharing with numerous systems. Includes datalogger and statistical analysis of measured data. Developed for ChanGroup s.r.o.
  • Platform: ARM Embedded Linux